Biochem Industries started its operation in the year 2000 as the newest member of the Biochem Group of Companies, focusing mainly on CNC turning services. Biochem Industries was set up in accordance to the Group Managing Director’s initiative to diversify its business operations by venturing into the precision machining sector. Since then, the company has never looked back. It has now grown to accommodate not only CNC turning services, but also providing CNC milling services to produce a myriad of precision machined parts.

Dedicated Workforce & Reliable Machines

At Biochem Industries, we believe that customer satisfaction and excellent quality hold the key to success. Hence, we incorporate this belief into our work to deliver high quality products, on schedule, to satisfy your business needs. With a dedicated team of workforce coupled with reliable and accurate machines, precision parts machining has never been easier. Through our experience in the machining business, having reliable and accurate machines is one of the essential ingredients in producing quality precision parts. Hence, our company chooses only the best machines available to best serve your needs. Our machine line-up includes famous Japanese brands such as Mori Seiki, Miyano and Kitamura. It is through these machines that precise and high quality machined parts can finally be realized.

Quality Control

Biochem Industries strives to produce quality precision metal or plastic parts and intends to be a world class precision parts manufacturer which can support the semi-con, automotive, medical and other related industries. In line with the company’s mission to supply quality products, Biochem Industries is currently pursuing the ISO 9001 quality management system accreditation to comply with the quality standards that are to be met in the precision machining business.

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)

We at Biochem Industries understand and practice the principles of Kaizen, which is why we are constantly seeking for improvement and striving for excellence. Through the principles of Kaizen coupled with innovative thinking, we recognize that new technology, effective management and manufacturing plans are essential to deliver the goods to suit your business requirements. Hence, let us help you by giving us a chance to produce quality products for your design and manufacturing needs.

Facilities & Capabilities

Biochem Industries chooses the best machines available in the market to help us achieve the precision that you require. The machines that are currently being used to serve your needs are as follows:

:: CNC Turning Lathes

Mori Seiki CL2000

Miyano BNC-42C5

Kitamura TX-80

:: CNC Machining Center

Lilian SVM-100


We offer :
• Precision Parts Fabrication
o CNC Turning
o CNC Milling

• Mechanical Design